Ather Enterprises


ATHER ENTERPRISES  was established in 2005 as an Export Marketing Consultancy services provider in the Global market. We provide you a perfect solution in all area such as Production,Marketing,Sales,complete Business Plan If you want to develop or Market your Brand contact us. 

You can hire our services on short-term basis or long-term basis or type of contract basiswe just improve the overall business processes of an Organization our marketing planning and analysis services are based on current market research and investigation which assures our clients to bear minimum risk & maximum output. This is why many industries make the decision to hire us.

Ather Enterprises is Certified form Ministry of Overseas Pakistani Govt of Pakistan 2012,  Ministry of Industries & Commerce Govt of Sindh Pakistan 2012,  Certified form Office of the Speaker Sindh  Assembly Sindh Government of Pakistan 2012,  Certified from Mr. Farhat Mohammad Khan Member of National Assembly(MNA) Govt of Pakistan 2011,  Certified from Dr. Nadeem Maqbool Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Sindh Government of Pakistan 2011,  Certified form Global Media Links 2013.

Ather Iqbal is CEO & Founder of the forum:

Proud to be Brand Pakistan 

We are Authorized representative form Sial Middle Eastern Food Exhibition.You can contact us for booking Space and information.